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Manny & Lou Plumbing Contractors

Manny & Lou Plumbing are contractors with strong fundamentals in personal attention to each project and are committed to delivering a complete working system, as well as developing qualified craftsmen to achieve the tasks at hand. Visit: Manny & Lou Plumbing Contractors

C.A.C. Services, Inc.

C.A.C. Services, Inc. is a new breed dedicated to excellence in aircraft painting services for all facets of the aviation industry such as commercial, corporate, military, cargo, lease, regional and international air carriers. View full site here.Site is currently offline.

Shrewd Creative Redesign

  A redesign of Shrewd Creative’s current website. This site is currently undergoing development by Shrewd and should be up shortly. Epiksol Creative’s role in this project was to provide the new design and elements to be used in the new site.

Lemartec Revamped

Lemartec’s web-site has been completely redone and is now powered by the amazing WordPress CMS, which allows care-free updating of all the header images as well as the content. Projects are showcased using Javascript slideshows instead of Adobe Flash in order to maximize the user experience on all devices including Apple’s iOS devices. Epiksol Creative […]

Where 2 Butlers

Here’s some information about them pulled from their site: Where 2 Butlers’ lifestyle concierge service empowers our members to enjoy their lives and time, as we are able to complete tasks which our members are unable to accomplish due to a lack of time, expertise, or contacts. View site: here

Draco Luna

Draco Luna, LLC is a fashion company on the verge of launching a wide variety of fashion accessories including sandals, hats, bathing suits and much more. I do not want to give away to much about their products but their innovative designs breathes some life in the industry and will surely attract consumers of all […]

Shrewd Creative

Shrewd Creative is essentially a branch off of Epiksol Creative itself; It handles more of the software development aspect of operations. It was originally founded by myself and Mr. Joe Marrero, a well-established developer in the gaming and software industry. You can check out his personal site: here as well as Shrewd Creative’s site: here […]

About Us

Welcome to Epiksol Creative! We are a small startup firm offering Epic Creative Services including professional Web, Branding & Graphic Design. We serve the South Florida area including…

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