Adobe and Typekit have my Heart

Designing for the Web Just got a Whole Lot More Fun!

So it seems that Adobe has teamed up with the infamous Typekit to bring a plethora of well known Adobe typefaces to the web! This list includes, and is not limited to, Adobe Garamond, Myriad, News Gothic, and a bunch more.

Of course, this little partnership only adds to the already huge list of fonts that Typekit allows you to embed. Check them out here.

For those not too familiar with Typekit, it is a revolutionary way to show fonts on a web-site regardless of whether or not the end-user has the font installed or not. It’s GREAT for designers that normally have to sacrifice a certain look on their design in order to make their designs appear more universal.

Some great alternatives (100% free) to this great technology would be Cufón as well as Google’s Font Directory. I am actually utilizing Cufón on this very page for all my heading styles. Cufón isn’t recommended for beginners as it requires a little more hands-on then both Typekit and Google’s Web Fonts, but it theoretically allows you to use any fon’t you want just as long as it doesn’t violate any licenses. A very powerful tool to have in your arsenal.

However, I still tend to lean more toward Typekit even though there is a small fee in order to use their system (they do have a limited free version as well). Everything just seems a lot more polished with them and it’s extremely easy to add this feature to your site. Little to no coding experienced needed. On top of that, the amount of font’s available to Typekit is breathtaking.


  1. May 19th, 2013

    Jake Oliver wrote:

    This is just a taste of web fonts and web fonts services. They come in all shapes and sizes. There are many providers and services to choose from. If you’re looking to add some style and enhance the typography of your website, without sacrificing searchable, editable text, then the use of web type/web fonts is a great option and an obvious path to take.

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